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A move to three square meals a day, more home cooking, and an all-out cry to ‘get real’ are among the major trends reshaping the food industry in 2011 and beyond. Here are the top 10 food trends in the new report by the Institute of Food Technologists:Read more

Tate & Lyle Lists Top Food and Beverage Trends For 2011

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Simplicity, stealth sugar and calorie reductions, one product with multiple benefits and restaurant quality at home will be the four top food and beverage trends influencing manufacturers this year, according to a roundtable of experts convened by ingredient company Tate & Lyle. The top trend, simplicity, reflects consumers’ growing preference for products made with fewer, easy-to-understand ingredients and a transparent label as highlighted by Datamonitor.Read more

Fad or Real Need: UK Research Aims to Get Behind 'Free From' Foods Trend

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New research is hoping to determine whether the rising demand for ‘free from’ foods is driven by a real need or a fad, while also identifying the potential opportunities for food and drink makers. UK based Leatherhead Food Research said it is aiming to identify consumption patterns, perceptions and motivations for consuming ‘suitable-for’ products through a new project that will involve Europe-wide consumer surveys and in-depth telephone interviews with manufacturers and retailers. The completion date is December this year, with the project set to kick-start this month.

The New Look of Fiber

Author:, by Mark Anthony, Ph.D., Technical Editor

Fiber, as a natural dietary component, continues to garner attention, and as a versatile food additive it can enhance the attraction of almost any product.

Most consumers recognize fiber is beneficial and protective of digestive health, that it could aid weight loss and lower cholesterol and provide other benefits. So much so that today, six in 10 people express a desire to get more fiber into their diets.Read more

USDA Rolls Out First Themed MyPlate Healthy Eating Message


Today, Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack announced the first themed message, Make Half Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables, supporting the new MyPlate food icon and First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative through a new national private-sector partnership program.Read more

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