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Less Than Half of Overweight or Obese Kids Get Long-Term Follow-up

By Denise Mann Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD WebMD Health News

More than half of all overweight and obese children are not getting proper follow-up advice from their pediatricians on how they can lose weight and keep it off.Read more

Supermarkets' Efforts for Healthy Eating

Reprinted from with permission

Consumers are split over supermarkets' involvement in easing the path to better nutritional choices for children. While nearly 4 out of 10 adults (39%) say, "I never notice my local supermarket getting involved in kids' nutrition," almost the same amount (38%) say they "occasionally notice the store reaching out to help shoppers make healthy food choices for kids".

Just 14% see the supermarket "frequently provide ideas, events and information on healthy food choices for kids". Another 9 % don’t expect this kind of help.Read more

How to: Mom's Homemade Whole Grain Bread

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How to make whole grain bread from freshly milled flour
For this recipe, you will need
4 cups of freshly milled flour.
1 ½ cups of milk
¼ of oil (I like grapeseed oil)
1 Tablespoon of honey
2 teaspoons of salt
2 tablespoons of soy lecithin powder
And 1 tablespoon of yeast.
Warm the milk to 105 to 110 degrees. Then add the honey. Pour into a heat safe container, add yeast and let sit 10-20 minutes until the yeast bubbles up about an inch. Pour this mixture into your mixer. Read more

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