IBIE 2022

This year’s program:

Taste the Magic of Wheat:
Wheated Bourbon, Wheated Vodka, and Wheat Beer.

Wheated bourbon, like Makers Mark, has a soft, round easygoing mouthfeel. Wheat vodkas, think Grey Goose,
tend to be light, crisp, and slightly sweet, which makes them very popular indeed. Wheat beers in general are
citrusy and have fuller mouthfeel. Come taste why we think these companies made the right choice.


Watch Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking livestream
a baking demo from our suite to the world.

Gemma Stafford will present a Bigger Bolder Baking LIVE demo from our suite to some of her 8 million followers.
Be here during this one hour livestream as she creates recipes from her upcoming book.
Afterwards she’ll be happy to share her thoughts on how you too can grow
your online presence as well as sign a book plate for you for her upcoming book.


Why is the Wheat Foods Council’s Work Important?
We have all seen what happens when fad diets, media headlines and influencers declare wheat foods should be avoided. WFC is working every day to educate the key influencers about the positive nutrition in wheat foods and the fallacy of fad diets. As these influencers become better informed, the advice they provide supports wheat foods consumption reaching millions of consumers every day.

WFC Mission Statement:
The WFC is an industry-wide partnership dedicated to increasing domestic wheat foods consumption through nutrition information, research, education and promotional programs.

WFC Vision:
The WFC seeks to deliver a program of wheat foods promotion while correcting misinformation where appropriate—play offense as much as possible; play defense when necessary.  WFC follows an influencer strategy targeting our programs to influencers who will multiply our messages to the audiences they communicate with.  This strategy is highly appropriate due to the WFC’s limited budget and the effectiveness of message multiplication by selecting the right influencer targets and providing them with compelling information and programs.

When we aren’t at IBIE, we are out spreading the word
of the benefits of enriched flour.


Our most popular video is called Bread. A Slice of Life. and it shows how  bread is an integral part of American life.
We’ve also been producing Chef’s Corner, profiles of notable chefs across the country like Jay Drumm of Wendy’s.
And we have been bringing chefs out to the Culinary Institute in Napa, CA for a two-day workshop where
they explore different ways to add wheat foods to their menus.
And this spring, we introduced the Future of Food Forum immediately after the workshop.

Our Happy Hours at the last two IBIE shows
have included a great mix of industry leaders.