Sometimes it IS no pain, no gain.

I love racing and training for triathlon. I love it so much that sometimes I forget that I’m 53 and not 23. And, while that’s not a bad thing, the reality is that I AM 53 and whether I like it or not, my body doesn’t recover easily or quickly, especially when I keep asking it to swim, bike and run (+ yoga and weights) for 12-15 hours per week. For me, dealing with various aches, pains and injuries is a constant concern. And as races get closer, it can be sort of stressful.Read more

Athletes and the Paleo Diet

In case you’ve missed it, one of the latest nutrition trends among athletes is the Paleolithic diet, or just Paleo for short.  Popularized by Dr. Loren Cordain, it advocates eating only the foods that a caveman would have had access to.  Effectively, this means including only foods that could have been hunted or gathered (fish, meats, eggs, nuts, fruits, roots) in the Paleolithic era and excluding all foods that require farming or agriculture (wheat, rice, corn, beans, dairy products, potatoes, sugar, etc).
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